Book Club Questions for TELL NO LIES

Readers wrote to me requesting questions for their book club, which are reading Tell No Lies. So here’s a list I wrote up. Happy reading!

1. What is the nature of deception? Is it worse to lie to others or lie to yourself? How do the characters, especially Daniel, hide the truth from themselves?

2. How is the theme of accountability played out in the group therapy sessions and in the plot at large?

3. How are Daniel’s annoying sanctimonious neighbors tied thematically to the book?

4. Is San Francisco a character in the book? What does that mean?

5. Are Daniel’s ethics different from what he believes them to be? In certain circumstances, would your own ethical choices surprise you? What would you do about the medical trial if you were in his position?

5. Evelyn is a brutal character but also dead honest. Contrast her to Daniel. To Cris.

6. What is Cris most angry about when she and Daniel fight?