Praise and Accolades for the Orphan X Series

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“Chases, hand-to-hand combat, and gunfights make the short chapters speed by like automatic gunfire. Hurwitz is at the top of this game in this gritty thriller. 
–Publishers Weekly, Starred Review

“Gregg Hurwitz has steadily blasted his way to the top of the thriller world, and Out of the Dark is a book you don’t dare lend to your friends, because you’ll never see it again.” 
–New York Journal of Books

“Hurwitz uses every ounce of his exceptional skill…Gripping, powerful and only too believable. Don’t miss it. 
–Daily Mail

The plotting is clever, the action is nearly constant…fans will be hooked. 
–Kirkus Reviews

“[Hurwitz has a knack of combining carefully researched, detailed, and violent action with characters who tug at the heartstrings…Tight writing, tense situations, meticulous plotting, split-second escapes, it’s all here, along with detailed descriptions of some of the landmarks of Washington DC, perfect for armchair travelers.”
–Arts Link South Africa

“Nobody walks the line between blistering action and searing character development better than Hurwitz. And that combination, more than anything, makes “Out of the Dark” a book you’ll savor well into the night.” 
–Providence Journal

“This is the best Orphan X novel to date, maybe the best thriller novel of 2019. It is an absolute Must Read. 
–Lima Charlie Editing and Reviews

“Evan Smoak roars back with a vengeance in the fourth Orphan X thriller…this installment is as tightly plotted, efficiently written, and, yes, as curiously plausible as its predecessors. If Jack Reacher fans haven’t checked out Smoak yet, they’re missing a sure bet. 

“Out of the Dark is a stunner. I thought Gregg Hurwitz couldn’t get any better, but his latest Orphan X novel proved me wrong. Shut the blinds, turn off your phone and TV, and get some sleep now, because once you start this book you won’t want to stop.” 
—Meg Gardiner, author of UNSUB and Into the Black Nowhere

“A complicated, swift-paced plot involving numerous twists plus a surprise ending—the essentials that make up a great thriller…Plan to stay up all night reading this one.” 
—Library Journal, Starred Review

“Gregg Hurwitz’s fourth Orphan X novel may be his best…Hurwitz not only excels at the plotting, but his characters have depth and intelligence…If you like high-octane action and a real page-turning thriller, Gregg Hurwitz and the Orphan X novels are for you.” 
—Just Another Book Blog


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  • The Week Best Crime Novels of 2018
  • Suspense Magazine Best Books of 2018
  • The Book Reporter Top Books of 2018

“This is a great novel…Do not miss this one.” 
— Booklist

“This one is personal…fans of the first two books will enjoy this nail-biting, twisty thriller.” 
–Library Journal

“As well-done as the rest of the series and bloody good fun.” 
–Kirkus Reviews

HELLBENT is carved from the same cloth of not only Lee Child, but also David Baldacci, and it proves Hurwitz to be every bit the equal of both of them. This is raw, visceral action writing layered with rare depth and emotion, making HELLBENT an early contender for one of the best thrillers of the year.” 
Providence Journal

“Where there’s Smoak, there’s firepower. The only thing better than a great book is a series in which each book is exponentially better than the last. It’s not a feat that can be pulled off by just any author, but it’s viscerally powerful when done right and HELLBENT is as right as it gets. [It] combines the intrigue, action and emotional wallop of the first two novels (ORPHAN X and THE NOWHERE MAN) and ratchets it up into the stratosphere of white-knuckled tension and hyperventilating action.” 
Daily Oklahoman

“Hurwitz is a terrific thriller writer, and with this series he gets better with each installment. Amid the mayhem, he crafts a tender tale of what it truly means to be a parent and the importance of family. He also has a knack for moments of sheer fun and humor mixed with the action, making the characters believable.” 
–Associated Press

“Gregg Hurwitz is incapable of writing badly. HELLBENT surpasses all of his previous work and sets a new standard for thrillers. It doesn’t get any better than this.” 
–The Book Reporter

“A beautifully crafted story that builds on the previous two books in surprising and unsettling ways.” 
–The Book Reporter

“This one is personal…fans of the first two books will enjoy this nail-biting, twisty thriller.Thrilling and suspenseful, with lots of twists and turns. ​K​eeps you gasping throughout the pages.​…Hurwitz has proved himself to be a masterful storyteller​. ” 
–Seattle Book Review

“The Orphan X series is shaping up to be one of the best action thrillers around. You won’t put this one down.” 
–Globe and Mail



  • USA TODAY Bestseller
  • #1 Sunday Times Hardcover Bestseller
  • #1 New Zealand Bestseller
  • Australia Top Ten Bestseller
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  • Best Spy Thriller of 2017 by The Real Book Spy
  • BookBub Top 100 Crime Novels of All Time

“A most interesting series for readers who like spooks, ultra-James Bond adventures, exciting action and suspense…another thriller that will keep you up after midnight, with more to come.”
— Lincoln Journal Star

“Evan Smoak, the anti-hero from last year’s “Orphan X,” returns in an even more intense and harrowing thriller.”
–Associated Press

“Will keep readers on the edge of their seats… Hurwitz’s engaging, sympathetic characters place this thriller above the pack.”
–Publishers Weekly, starred review

“A brilliant sequel. As good as Orphan X was, this is an even better novel, mostly because of its more claustrophobic setting, its captivating villain, and the way the author keeps ratcheting up the danger, including one really clever twist near the end of the book. Where there’s Smoak, there’s fire—and plenty of it.”
–Booklist, starred review

“The Nowhere Man is a good ride down a toboggan run of nonstop action and intrigue.”
–The New York Journal of Books

“High-energy and hairy-chested…Thriller fans craving action and violence will enjoy this one.”
–Kirkus Reviews

“Hurwitz is a master — one of the very few — of the unexpected. The array of knowledge and talents that comprise his skill set is fully on display here, all but guaranteeing a long and successful history for this series and its primary character.”

“Hurwitz continues a superbly exciting new series with the gripping The Nowhere Man.”
–Mystery Scene

“Superb on all levels and a must-read for all thriller fans.”
–Providence Journal

“The Nowhere Man is the even-better sequel to Orphan X. This new one is a masterpiece, one of the best thrillers you’re likely to read this year.”
–The Chronicle Herald

“Hurwitz is swinging in a field of heavyweights here (think Robert Ludlum and Lee Child), but if he keeps this up, he may very well knock them all out.”
— Oklahoma Book Review

“The first great thriller of the year.”
— Lisa Gardner

“You won’t be able to put it down.”
— Lee Child

“It takes off like a missile and never slows down.”
— David Baldacci

“Beautifully rendered… Genius at work.”
— Winnipeg Free Press



  • USA TODAY Bestseller
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  • Boston Globe Summer Reading Pick 2016
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  • SCIBA Best Mystery Finalist
  • The Times Page-Turner of the Season
  • Amazon Best Books of 2016
  • Audible Best Books of 2016 Finalist
  • Crimson Scribe Award Winner
  • South Florida Sentinel Best of 2016
  • The Real Book Spy’s Best Start of a New Series 2016, Best Spy Thriller 2016

“Put Jack Reacher and Jason Bourne into a blender. Add one drop of nitro-glycerine and three of sulphuric acid. Switch on, and don’t be surprised if the lid blows off. You’ve just mixed your first Orphan X.”
— Richard and Judy Book Club Pick

“This isn’t simply Hurwitz’s ‘best thriller yet’ or ‘a terrific new thriller’—ORPHAN X is an order-of-magnitude leap into stardom. It’s the most exciting thriller I’ve read since THE BOURNE IDENTITY. Fans of Jack Reacher, Mitch Rapp, and Jason Bourne will LOVE Evan Smoak, and the deadly, secret world of the Orphan Program. A new thriller superstar is born!”
–Robert Crais

“Gregg Hurwitz is known for his superlative research, mind-bending plots and larger-than-life characters. Well, in Orphan X he has outdone himself in all three areas. From the explosive opening where a boy begins his dramatic transformation, this story blows the doors off most thrillers I’ve read and catapults the readers on a cat-and-mouse that feels like a missile launch. Brilliantly conceived and plotted, his character Evan, of Orphan X fame, deserves his own niche in the thriller hero hall of fame. Read this book. And read all of Gregg Hurwitz’s works. You will thank me later.”
— David Baldacci

“Gregg Hurwitz’s Orphan X is his best yet—a real celebration of all the strengths he brings to a thriller.”
–Lee Child

“Exciting and mind blowing! A perfect mix of Jason Bourne and Jack Reacher, ex operative Evan Smoak turns on the action and shows off all the right moves as he sets out to help the downtrodden, and perhaps save his own humanity along the way.”
–Lisa Gardner

“ORPHAN X is the most gripping, high-octane thriller I’ve read in a long, long time. Hang onto your seat because Gregg Hurwitz will take you on a dizzying ride you’ll not soon forget!”
— Tess Gerritsen, NYT bestselling author of DIE AGAIN

“ORPHAN X is the most exciting new series character since Jack Reacher. And Reacher would love this guy. A page-turning masterpiece of suspense enriched by compassion and insight.”
–Jonathan Kellerman

“What is ORPHAN X? A thrill-a-minute read with twists and turns galore. I’m looking forward to Evan Smoak’s next adventure.”
— Phillip Margolin, New York Times bestselling author of WOMAN WITH A GUN

“Everyone has a book that breaks them out, steps up the game, changes things. For Gregg Hurwitz, it’s Orphan X. Do yourself a favor and read it.”
— Steve Berry, New York Times bestselling author of THE 14TH COLONY

“Orphan X is not good, Orphan X is great. Whatever you like best in a thriller – action, plot, character, suspense – Orphan X has it.”
— Simon Toyne, Bestselling author of THE SEARCHER

“Orphan X proves once again what I’ve been saying for years: Gregg Hurwitz is one of the world’s best storytellers.  And now, with Evan Smoak, he’s created one of the most ingenious series characters in modern fiction.  Smoak deserves to stand in that unique pantheon of iconic heroes: Bond, Bourne, and Batman.”
— Chris Mooney, Bestselling author of FEAR THE DARK

“Hurwitz knows how to grab an audience… a thriller giant.”
— Los Angeles Times

“Excellent entertainment…Orphan X is a smart, stylish, state-of-the-art thriller. It’s also the start of a series, one that might give Lee Child’s Jack Reacher books a run for their money.”
— Washington Post

“Outstanding start of a new series featuring an uncommon man with unique and obsessive skills.”
— Fresh Fiction

“Hurwitz has created a thriller masterpiece with Orphan X.”
— Mystery Tribune

“Hurwitz spins a web of relentless intrigue with bursts of tensely sketched violence.”
— Kirkus Reviews

“A hi-tech, nonstop thriller. Hurwitz, known for this kind of adrenaline-inducing fiction adds enough humanity to the action to make this a standout, and readers should get in at the start.”
— Booklist, starred review

“Galvanizing and suspenseful…Hurwitz peels back the layers of Evan’s psyche, developing a character with the potential to be the next Jason Bourne or Jack Reacher.”
— Amazon Best Book of January 2016

“Hurwitz melds nonstop action and high-tech gadgetry with an acute character study in this excellent series opener…Evan is an electrifying character.”
— Publishers Weekly, starred review

“4 Stars”
— RT Book Review

“One of the great set ups for a suspense novel is the premise of an off-the-books loner, a modern day Robin Hood, who battles injustice anonymously. John D. MacDonald’s Travis Magee is one. Andrew Vachss’ Burke is another. Lee Child’s Jack Reacher is a third. Add to this elite group, Evan Smoak, the ‘Nowhere Man.'”
— BookPage

“Gregg Hurwitz delivers a masterpiece of suspense and thrills…(an) amazing start to a new series.”
— Associated Press

“We barely have made a dent in the new year, and already we have a candidate for one of the best books of 2016.”
–Book Reporter

“This is a thriller par excellence, satisfying and superb in every way.”
–Providence Journal

“An exciting story that seems set up for many more chapters to come.”
–St. Louis Post Dispatch

“Hurwitz is a veteran at writing this expert brand of thriller, the kind where the personal relationships remain human but the action is other-worldly.”
–Toronto Star

“Evan is a marvelously complex character.”
–Examiner, 5 stars

“It is nearly impossible to stop reading this book once one has started…If you haven’t been persuaded by this description all you need is to pick up the book and read the first page.”
— Sunday Star Times

“Hurwitz, as good a pure action writer as we have,… has just elevated his already A-list game. Readers of both Bourne and Reacher need only to hear that Smoak isn’t scared of either of them..”
–Shawangunk Journal

“Fans of white-hot action books should grab Orphan X. Save this one for an eat-and-read weekend. You won’t put it down.”
— Globe and Mail

“It’s tense, violent and has more pace than a cheetah in a Jag at a fast-food drive through…Evan is up against the likes of Jack Reacher on the bookshelves. Tough opposition, but then he’s a tough guy. Let battle commence.”
— Sun

“There is a pristine classicism to Gregg Hurwitz’s Orphan X…tight and tense in all the right places…weapons-grade thriller-writing from a modern master.”
— The Guardian

“The page-turner of the season is Orphan X by Gregg Hurwitz. Throw Jason Bourne in a bowl, fold in some Jack Reacher, add a hint of Rambo, stir vigorously and you get the idea.”
— The Times