Author Photo
Art from the graphic novel I wrote for IDW's Elizabeth's Canvas fundraiser, now on display in Grenetech in San Francisco.
Learning to race cars on a proper track
Horseback ride during a research trip to the jungles of Oaxaca.
Bond panel at Harrogate Crime Festival
Batman & Me
On set shooting Careful What You Wish For
Robert Crais, Michael Connelly, Christopher Rice, and Me
Toured the Misty Fjords in Ketchikan by seaplane.
Helicoptered onto a glacier in Skagway to go dogsledding.
Shadowed ambulance drivers to research DO NO HARM
Was pleased to see this book in Philippe Starck's design for José Andrés' Bazaar Restaurant in LA.
On Sunset Blvd.
Finale party for The Shield
At San Diego Comic Con
In the London Tube
In front of The Storting on a break from a Norwegian Crime Festival
Doing research in the Amazon
Research trip to the Galapagos
Featured in a Russian cigar magazine
Learned to ride a Harley for TROUBLESHOOTER
From my high school days as a pole vaulter
On a Class IV white water run.
Playing soccer in the Amazon Basin
On a tour of St. Petersburg
Target practice with US Marshals
Swinging like Tarzan
Warehouse signing of 3250 books
Me on a Benelli assault shotgun, researching. Another day at the office.
Ziplining in Costa Rica