Ridgeback Puppies, Feeding (and Eating) Kangaroos, Croc Snacks, Petting Koalas, and Sydney

  The title sort of says it all. Amazing final panel with Don Walker and Margot O’Neill, terrific “Conversation Hour”/radio session with Richard Fidler (a great in-depth interviewer – and very funny man), a quick detour to check out some Australian Rhodesian Ridgeback puppies (how could I not?), a trip to visit some wildlife, a […]

Brisbane Book Festival

Wrapped up New Zealand in a bit of a whirlwind, swinging through Christchurch and Wellington (and eating some white bait fritters). Then I zipped off to Brisbane, a stunningly beautiful city by any account. The book festival is wonderfully run and well organized, with a terrific range of authors – one of the best festivals […]