New Contest

Fellow comic book readers… In YOU’RE NEXT, Dodge is reading a certain comic. Correctly identify the comic for a chance to win a signed first-edition of the graphic novel VENGEANCE OF THE MOONKNIGHT: Shock and Awe. Submit your entries to by August 31st. Thanks for reading and good luck!  Please DO NOT post answer in the… Read more »

Latest Moon Knight covers

The latest Moon Knight covers from superstar artists Francesco Mattina and Bryan Hitch. We wrap up my Deadpool two-issue arc with Vengeance of the Moon Knight #8, SWEET SLUMBER, then we charge forward into the Secret Avengers, MK brooding along as a TEAM PLAYER.   

Breaking In To Comics (the inside word from a Marvel Editor)

Here’s some advice Marvel Editor Jody LeHeup offered a former student of mine on how to break in to comics. Since I get asked this a lot and never have a good answer, I thought I’d cut out the idiot middle man (me) and take readers straight to the source. — First of all, it’s… Read more »

Moon Knight #3: The Bushman Cometh

Recognize this purdy face from your childhood stack o comics? Well, he’s back – steel teeth and all – in comic shops today. Hope you enjoy. And for those of you snooty folks who only read well-reviewed comics, get a load of this. See – you can read comics AND feel good about yourself! (The… Read more »