New Contest

Fellow comic book readers… In YOU’RE NEXT, Dodge is reading a certain comic. Correctly identify the comic for a chance to win a signed first-edition of the graphic novel VENGEANCE OF THE MOONKNIGHT: Shock and Awe. Submit your entries to by August 31st. Thanks for reading and good luck!  Please DO NOT post answer in the… Read more »

Bon voyage to Moon Knight. How he – and my comic brain – developed

This week’s issue of Moon Knight – the conclusion of the Shadowland event – will be my last. When Marvel asked me to consider tackling Moon Knight, I told them I’d only do it if I could do something really different, as the character’s last reinvention – at the hands of Charlie Huston (and taken… Read more »

VA Beach, SEALs, Cheerleaders, and Book Gigs

I’m in Virginia beach, appearing at Symphony Fundraiser along with noted authors Mary Jane Clark and Jonna Doolittle Hoppes. I’ll be discussing research, writing, and Trust No One. VA Beach is a delightful place – check the view from my hotel room: . I’m very pleased to be here, given that VA Beach sports the… Read more »

Latest Moon Knight covers

The latest Moon Knight covers from superstar artists Francesco Mattina and Bryan Hitch. We wrap up my Deadpool two-issue arc with Vengeance of the Moon Knight #8, SWEET SLUMBER, then we charge forward into the Secret Avengers, MK brooding along as a TEAM PLAYER.   

New Comics and Bad-Ass Covers

Sorry I’ve been a bit behind schedule posting here – been busy in the writer’s room for V. Here’s the skinny on new comics – I have a story called RED MERCURY in a Super Issue, art by CP Smith and one of my favorite covers of all time by Rafa Garres. Marvel released a… Read more »

Wednesday Dec 16, All Hell Breaks Loose

Vengeance of the Moon Knight #4, cover thanks to Leinil Yu. Now we’re at my favorite part of an arc – endless kick-ass action. Jump on it now since the first three sold out their first day.

Moon Knight #3: The Bushman Cometh

Recognize this purdy face from your childhood stack o comics? Well, he’s back – steel teeth and all – in comic shops today. Hope you enjoy. And for those of you snooty folks who only read well-reviewed comics, get a load of this. See – you can read comics AND feel good about yourself! (The… Read more »

Moon Knight 2nd Printing/Alternate Title

“MOON KNIGHT–?! BUT WE THOUGHT YOU WERE DEAD!” “MAYBE I WAS, BOYS, BUT I’M BACK NOW…BACK WITH A VENGEANCE.” –Doug Moench On sale today, the David Finch variant. In case you missed the first edition/sell-out.

Moon Knight #2 Cover (and Zombie Variant!) and Signing

Is there anything better than a zombie variant cover? I thought not. MK2 hits stands today – go early since #1 sold out in a day (wa-hoo). I’ll be signing today at: Galaxy of Comics, Van Nuys, from 12:30-2.